About The Technology:

1. Generate Pressure
An ultrahigh-pressure pump generates a stream of water with pressure rated up to 94,000 psi (6,480 bar). To put it into perspective, a fire hose contains a pressure of 390 to 1,200 psi (20 to 84 bar).

2. Convert Pressure into Velocity
This pressure is converted into velocity via a tiny jewel orifice, creating a stream as small as a human hair which can cut soft materials.

3. Introduce Garnet
To increase cutting power by 1,000 times, garnet is pulled into the supersonic waterjet stream. Water and garnet exit the cutting head at nearly four times the speed of sound, capable of cutting steel over one foot thick.

Pure & Abrasive Waterjet:
There are two types of waterjet: pure and abrasive. Combined, these two technologies can cut virtually any material, any shape, at any thickness.

1. Pure Waterjet
Pure waterjet cuts soft materials like gasket, foam, plastic, paper, disposable diapers, insulation, cement board, automotive interiors, carpet, food.

2. Abrasive Waterjet
Abrasive waterjet is similar to a pure waterjet, except that after the pure waterjet is created, garnet abrasive is pulled into the head via a venturi vacuum, mixed with the water, and then the resulting abrasive waterjet stream can cut hard materials like metal, ceramic, stone, glass and composite.

Components of Waterjet:

A waterjet is more than just pressurized water and sand. The shape cutting system is comprised of:

1. The Ultrahigh-Pressure System
includes the pump, cutting head and plumbing

2. The Machine
includes the X, Y, Z axes, cutting head wrist axes, and material support catcher

3. The Control System
includes the programming software, operator interface, drive motors, and position and velocity feedback system

Flow Waterjet Machines:

1. The Mach 2 Series – The Essential Waterjet
Our Mach 2c waterjet series provides unparalleled value. The core high-pressure components are the very same components found on our elite Mach 3 and Mach 4 waterjet series.

2. The Mach 3 Series – The World’s Most Popular Waterjet
Reliable performance, day in and day out is what matters to our customers. The Mach 3 is built to deliver results. With thousands of installations worldwide, our Mach 3 has earned the title The World’s Most Popular Waterjet.